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PEREZ – CARRERA & CO., establish in Panama City in 1979. Our office is located in the financial district of the republic of Panama, were a broad business is performed, involving public and privately held corporations, financial institutions and a numerous other types of business.

The firm offers a complete package of legal services in the following practice areas: Corporate Law, Admiralty and Maritime Law (vessel registration, Insurance, litigation), Banking and Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law, Offshore Services (offshore corporation and offshore bank account in several jurisdictions), Private Interest Foundations, Commercial Transactions, Labor and Employment, Real Estate Law and Immigration services.

Our vision and goals is to meet the highest standards of quality customer service and provide comprehensive and professional advice in our different areas of expertise, ensuring that the client is always protected.


Panama is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. Its location on the Isthmus of Panama is strategic. By 2000, Panama controlled the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the North of the Pacific Ocean.

Panama’s economy is based on a well-developed services sector, including the Panama Canal, banking, insurance, government, the trans-Panamanian oil pipeline, and the Colón Free Zone. The Panama Canal and the monetary regime anchored in the use of the US dollar as legal tender spurred the rapid development of the service economy which offset markedly unfavorable terms of trade. The unique monetary system played a significant role in the creation of an International Banking Center and the Colón Free Zone.

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