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Our cost for the incorporation of a company in Panama is US$1,250.00 (plus tax) which includes:

  • Articles of Incoporation
  • Notarial an registration fees
  • Capital registration tax on the basis of the authorized capital of US$10,000.00
  • Two share certificates
  • Good standing certificate
  • Power of attorney (included in the articles of the corporation, if requested).
  • Authentications
  • Annual corporation tax of US$250.00 (for the first year)
  • Resident agent fee (for the first year).
  • Translation of all documents into english
  • Authentications
  • Courier expenses


Nominee Directors / Officers service

If is requested by the client, our office can appoint the three nominee Directors/ Officers required by law, in this case we shall chargen and additional fee of US$300.00 (each director / officer US$100.00)

General Power of Attorney

When using a nominee board of directors you will require a Power of Attorney in order to act on behalf of the corporation. This Power of Attorney will grant you the powers to open a bank account, sign contracts or make any business transactions on behalf of the corporation. If this is the case we recommend to issue this document in a separate document, this document will be duly sign and seal by a public notary and authenticated with apostille.

Procedure and Time Frame

In order to proceed with a requested corporation you must provide  the following document which can be send by email:

  • Three (3) possible names for the corporation
  • Copy of your passport (for our records), if you are using nominee directors / officers
  • Copy or ID of nominee directors and their address, if you appoint them
  • Share certificate information (if the shares should be issue to the bearer or nominative)
  • Your address and telephone where corporate documents shall be sent.
  • To transfer the funds for the incorporation of the company to our bank account. The payment can be made also by western union or visa/master card.

Incorporation Form

Once we have received the requested information we will proceed with the incorporation and within a time frame of 5 days we will send you the documents by courier.




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