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In the field of Intellectual Property, Panama is characterized by a comprehensive legislation (Law 35 of 10 May 1996) which, created the General Bureau of Industrial Property Registration (DIGERPI), which is the institution responsible for the application of the aforementioned law, aid and impulse the economic and technological development of our country.

This law is designed to protect and regulate intellectual property rights. Panama is a signatory to most important international law treaties and protocol agreements that underpin the country's desire to enforce protection of these rights.

Our attorneys are always ready to assist clients who need to register and protect trademarks, patents, slogans, trade names, industrial designs, and patents of invention. Our team can also represent clients in litigation pertaining to protection of these industrial, intellectual and related property rights.

Requirements for Registration of Intellectual Property

    • Power of Attorney
    • Certificate of incorporation (in case is own by a company)
    • Registration certificate (in case trademark is register in another country).
    • Trademark sample (logo or brand name
    • Classification of product and service, according to the international classification of trademark for Products and services  (A detailed explanation for the use and management will help us classify the product)



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